sob. March 17, 2018
Study description


Specialisation: Management of valuable natural areas

The faculty at the level of higher vocational studies engineering studies for the forestry, specialty farming in environmentally valuable areas. Studies are conducted on a daily and weekend. Off-Campus Studies in the Faculty of Forestry in Hajnówka last 3.5 years (7 semesters).

First cycle engineering studies at the Forestry give the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to understand natural phenomena occurring in the forest environment. Implementation of the study program will equip graduates with the knowledge biological, technological and economic. This knowledge will create graduates conditions of access to larger areas of the labor market.

Students of the gain the knowledge necessary to manage the forest environment, in particular in the field of designing, organizing and conducting forest farms, livestock and forest protection, wildlife management, harvesting and transportation of wood, execution and improvement of forestry, inventory of forest resources, as well as making economic analyzes the results of economic activity in forestry.

The study program also includes environmental issues of forest, providing extensive knowledge and skills in ensuring the viability of the forest ecosystems of varying degrees of legal protection, preparation and implementation of plans protective dialogue and negotiation in the environmental problems of the forest and to ensure the realization of multifunctional forest management.

A graduate degree is prepared to work in units of State Forests, farms forest municipal forests, national parks and landscape, as well as bodies dealing with the protection of nature and environment. It can also take up a job in the local administration in municipalities and in industries related to forestry, among others, plants forest service.